Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spectrum.....the hidden hot spot


If you have not been to Club Spectrum Memphis then you have truly been missing something.

From the all star drag show on Saturday nights, the open floor night on Fridays, to the super turned up atmosphere it is everything you can ask for. You feel welcome no matter which way your mind runs!

The performers are amazing!!!
Jade Porchett - Stunningly beautiful and show stopper
Freak Nasty - raw, surprising, and lovely
Iris Lefluer - just true a true diva!
Demonica Santangilo -An amazing dancer and will draw you in instantly!!
Jr.Stone - the host of all in a good way
Alaska Casadine - such a class act and so much more!!!
Aubrey Boom Boom - super nice, amazing performer, and approachable
Will Rider - The crowd favorite
The owner... Stephanie is super humble, eager to talk to, and will shake your hand and take pictures

The drinks are super good and on Saturday nights its this cute sexy guy in underwear walking around selling shots and....HE IS CUTE!!! Lol

What i like the most about Club Spectrum is that you don't have to run for your life due to ghetto fights and hot mess people. Everyone just do them and love to have fun! I personally recommend you come and see why I chose to patronize their business and get messed up!

I have added some hot pics from the many times I have been there and will continue to go back.

Major photography credit to Jack Rock Photography!!! ( Your so professional and an all around amazing person!!)

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