Friday, June 27, 2014

Dont be afraid....

Where has this year gone to? Am i the only one thinking this...surely not!

When this year started I wanted to make sure i faced my fears head on and make sure I held myself accountable and i think I've done a great job so far.

I started working out and have lose 42 pounds since late January
I began clearing up debt and living under my financial means
I started learning to forgive people and not hold grudges.
I have learned to control my temper with certain people
I learned to listen more to my child

Last but not least....I started to rebuild my relationship with my lord and savior!!! (Major work in progress)

Don't be afraid to want more...step out your comfort zone, laugh more, rest more, or whatever it is that drives you!

Personally, I'm blessed that I decided to do so cause I will be such a better person and mother for it..

Next goal...Back on the runway or in magazines...

Keep in touch and watch for me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Major lifestyle change brewing..

In life you have to make decisions that might not be comfortable for you but it is what's best for you and that's what I'm doing.
For the past four years I have been a single woman because five years ago I ran away from a marriage that wasn't working before I gave it time to grow.

One incident happened that sent me running for the door and I have to be honest. was the worse mistake I've ever made.
I know what people read this it might piss some folks off but I got to be honest with myself and my viewers that read and listen to my webisodes.

I gave up on him cause he hit me!

One thing im learning is if you are a true child of god you are suppose to forgive people regardless of what they do and because of this fact I chose to forgive him so i can grow and move on.

I urge you to ask yourself....

If someone hurt you so bad that you thought you would never recover and god personally asked you to forgive that person to get into heaven? Knowing he knows your true heart...

Would you!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hello everyone...

Thank you for following me on this new journey that i am taking and i truly thank god for what he is doing in my life...

Website will be updates soon..

Also i have started back booking modeling and event planning work so if your interested in working with me please email me.

The weight loss confessions will be back soon as i get my video camera fixed but i am 38 pounds down since February and i am truly blessed...

Thanks to Mercedes and Deloris for donating to my daughter jsa summer school program fundraiser but due to lack of funds I had to unfortunately pull her name and her seat for the 2014 program. God will bless her with another opportunity soon enough. God bless you both

Lastly, if anyone in Memphis hasn't noticed that i have not been on the club scene lately. Well i felt like it was time to let it go and find a better way. No doubt i will every blue moon come out but as of now i will be staying at the house of rooftop during the summer months.

God bless you all...


New generation of women

Let me first start by saying that I do not hold a bit of shade for any woman that has the body for some of these outfits but over the past four years I have noticed a new trend in some women's clothing and how some don't respect their bodies it pisses me off...

Why do women feel as if its appropriate to walk out of the house advertising everything god said was precious and pure? I am just curious cause I truly don't get it!

Its only six months into the year and the dresses and shorts are off the chain short.

Last time i checked its okay to dress sexy not slutty!

Wearing a full body suit that looks like a swimsuit with your thighs rubbing together ain't it!
Having a full stomach with back fat but your dress is so short everyone knows your on your cycle is not cute!

I don't name people or post pictures out of respect for others but i will say this..

Where is the self respect? Where is the virtue? Where is the integrity? Its gone i feel

Until we stand up and show our young women and girls that's its okay to keep some things private we will never grow as a people.

As a woman going into a new stage in my life i had to check myself about some of the things i wear and how I was perceived when I went out. It take a strong woman to admit that things need changing.

Sometimes your clothing and your actions make a bold statement that is sealed in peoples hearts and minds forever...

What do you want your impression to be? Never know the person you see might be your new boss!
Think on that!