Sunday, April 1, 2018

Do you feel like your doing things solo?

In life we feel like we have family and friends that will carry us into the next level in our lives but in reality we are doing things solo.

When you think people love and care for you that ride with you...your doing things solo.

When the world gets real cold and your heart turns cold with it...your doing things solo

Late in the midnight hour and your in a dark would think someone would help you out..your doing things solo...

I disagree...your walking into strength, determination, drive, love, hope, perseverance, independence, and motivation...

Your depending on God and God alone...
Your learning that everyone that smiles in your face doesn't really want you to be great!

Get Up!!!! Take the bull by the horn and MOVE!!!!

I tell you these things because this was me a few months ago!! I got up and I am learning!!!

Happy Easter...Happy April...Love is life...Life is Love!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Working out..Its hard

Happy day party peoples!!!!

Here I come with the interesting dialog and gag worthy conversation piece.

Working out?????

Why they don't tell you that your body will become so sore that it would be super difficult to stay focused? Why don't they tell you that a weeks worth of healthy food costs more than some people buy a month?

For example...if your not eating healthy you can buy a weeks worth of foods for under 65 dollars if you budget well for a single person...100 for a family of three ( trust me I was doing this for years before I changed) and 150 for a family of five if your lucky.

Now I spend almost $200 dollars at the grocery store every two weeks...( With coupons!!!) without coupons it would be almost $300 dollars.


I say all of this to tell you to stay focused and keep going. If you can go drink at the bar, go out to each with your girlfriends, get your hair, nails, feet, and everything else done you can eat better and work out.  Not judging but I had to do a reality check as well!

Personally I have cut back a whole back to get healthier. My goal is to be half of my body weight by 40 years old. And I am 37 right now!!!

I'll keep you updated as I go through the up and downs of this thing called weight loss!!!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New year!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

Happy New year and it's cold !!!!!!

So I  decided to do something I never do...i stayed my behind at the house for New Years!!!!

So I am attempting to be a more positive in my space I'm trying 365 days of positive speaking. One of you peeps pray for me!

I've been going to the gym five days a week for a month and Jesus Christ it has been a journey. I'm working with a trainer and I have learned I work harder than I thought.

So here is how my life goes...
Monday and wednesday... zumba &cardio
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays...
Swim training and leg workouts!

Fridays...train at home off

The goal is to be half of my body weight by 40 years old. And I am 37 now so you get the point. I will make a strong attempt to keep you updated.
Since I don't have any bookings I have a little more time to do so.

I'm going to end it here because I have class. Happy New year everyone and stay safe!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pride week!!!!

Happy pride Memphis!!!!!

I can't believe it's here!!!!

This is going to be sooo much fun. I'm so excited for this weekend and you should be too. I'm a ally but I feel so connected and loved!

Come out and enjoy yourself.

I am one of the grand marshals and I'm super nervous about it. To all those that voted for me...

IT'S sooo many things going on this weekend...
Get out the house....have fun...enjoy this thing called LIFE...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Now I'm not a queen....whats poppin

Hello everyone!!!

So much is going on in my world that I feel like I've put you guys to the side...


Let me catch you up on my life in what I call..

Wild out wednesday...busy edition lol

My pageant step down was absolutely calming and I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to do something different. I would not change anything regardless to the good,bad, and ugly as hell. I met so many people during my reign and I was able to accomplish a whole lot!

Since I've stepped down I have thrown a benefit for Houston,Tx, done some shows, attending a wedding and started filming a web series called "All the tea with Anastasia and me"

Sounds like I didn't slow down don't it...
Apparently I didn't but for me this is slow! When your used to 16 hours days on set, 10 hours on photo shoots, working three jobs, and holding down a house....this is light lol

Forgive me....but I'm goal driven!!!

I learned that opportunities like these don't come along take advantage because when your season is done....THATS IT!

I'm learning that everyone isn't your friend, won't be your cheerleader, will say things behind your back and smile in your face, will sabotage you, and will steal your shit!!!! Drag has taught me to establish thick as fuck skin!!!
Because I love and give so hard of my heart and time it was hard to disconnect.

Now I'm in this new phase of my life im not stopping my grind. It might not be in drag or performing as a femme entertainer or a pageant girl but I want to stay busy and consistent.

Many might not like it...thats not my fault!

I can only be me..Hard working and strong.

What's next for me at this time...
I'll tell ya...

I'm going to honor my commitments prior to my step down and if new things come to me i will take time to decide what's best for me. Until then....

Monday, March 13, 2017

The journey....almost over!

Greetings people and new subscribers!

This femme queen was extremely busy lately...

I have to go on record and say that it has been a very electrifying year for me. I have been blessed enough to travel all over and perform,meet so many new people, volunteer my time towards amazing causes, and sooo much more.

As my reign is slowly coming to a close and I prepare to crown a new bio/femme queen I reflect on all the experiences I have had and how much it has changed me as a person and as a woman.
Never thought that my life would come full circle.

Its amazing!

Cant wait to meet and crown the new woman to take on this amazing journey...

Is it you????

April 30th at Club Majestic will tell the story...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm back

Well hello peoples...

I took a loooooonnnngggggg break to get my life but now I'm back and in living color!
Sooo...what can I share...
I started performing in drag clubs, got laid, child has a boyfriend, got a good job and have a gaggle of new friends! My life is full...

Can't wat to share my new life with each of you...

Stay tuned!