Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why wasn't I warned?

For my ladies that are thirty years old and over please tell me....

"Why wasn't I warned?"

Is the normal to be all in your feelings and don't know why?

Do your sex drive leaves you or continues to intensify?

How come your emotions change by the moment?

Did you light bulb moment happen yet?

Why you start to look at your friends, family, and relationships differently?

You feel unsatisfied and cannot figure out why?

Think that your too fat or too skinny?

Unsatisfied with your current job?

I know for me some of these things got" me" written all over it but for some its not this way.

The changes women go through once they hit their thirties is unreal !!!!

 I wish it was a handbook to this mess!!!

Real Talk!!!

I just hope that once you go through this that you didn't stress people out with all the changes..

Good luck ladies and don't you always wanna say...

Why wasn't I warned about all this???

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Election....the day after

I have been voting now for a long time and i must say...

I am sick and tired of some of the mess that politicians pull before voting begins.

To be honest, i am not surprised that people are not super pissed by the way the government is treating the voters and even more the president.

I have never seen so much disrespect for our president in my entire life.

I understand if your views are different but allow this man to do his job. He came into mess

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Understanding the new dating world

I used to wonder why women would say they want to stay single...

With this new way of dating...Shit!!!..... ill be single for life

Let me explain....

I have encountered many men that say the following junk..

" I having fun but we can still have sex"
" I'm doing me right now....we can just kick it"
"I'm not looking for a relationship but...
" I got too much going on for a relationship"

All I got to ask is....what the fuck is this about?

There are some good men and women in the world!
 Because you are being guarded and got some slick pimp game going on you are letting a potential long term mates go away.

People are not taking under consideration that dating is so different now and you have to be really careful who you let into your circle.Some will keep you around to benefit their career,wallet, a warm place to lay or to get money out of you. Few will make it past the first level if you stay aware and safe.

I got some small tips for figuring out if that person is truly there for you...
Disclaimer: These are my views only....take it how you like!

1. Tell that person you are practicing celibacy and see how different the conversation go
2. Be extremely honest about your intentions ( some will be afraid to believe you due to your honesty)
3. Tell a person that you are currently unemployed. ( these days some are seeking someone to take care of them! Don't let that be you!!
4. Do not tell anyone your on social media! ( people have a tendency to look people up without truly having a face to face conversation with them.
5. If your a background check! ( Only after three months or if they have been around your kids.
6.Do not have overnight dates!!!  Its cuffing season!!! Do not become that person they lean on cause its about to get cold
7. Lastly...ask the person when was the last time they have been tested for all diseases. ( People gets real up and arms about this question but they are willing to tell you and provide proof it shows they care about their life as well..

Dating in 2014 is not the easiest thing but I'm sure with a little more precaution you will be just fine!