Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why wasn't I warned?

For my ladies that are thirty years old and over please tell me....

"Why wasn't I warned?"

Is the normal to be all in your feelings and don't know why?

Do your sex drive leaves you or continues to intensify?

How come your emotions change by the moment?

Did you light bulb moment happen yet?

Why you start to look at your friends, family, and relationships differently?

You feel unsatisfied and cannot figure out why?

Think that your too fat or too skinny?

Unsatisfied with your current job?

I know for me some of these things got" me" written all over it but for some its not this way.

The changes women go through once they hit their thirties is unreal !!!!

 I wish it was a handbook to this mess!!!

Real Talk!!!

I just hope that once you go through this that you didn't stress people out with all the changes..

Good luck ladies and don't you always wanna say...

Why wasn't I warned about all this???

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