Sunday, September 20, 2015

Reality.....sometimes it sucks

This will probably be the most honest I will ever be on my blog site so if you get offended please stop reading now....................

I had no idea once you turn 30 that your life sometimes comes full circle...( Somewhat!)
i have spent so much of my life pleasing others, staying stressed out, emotionally eating my life away and so much more that now I am paying for it.
Over the past couple of months I have seriously been going through an emotional roller coaster and I have been horrified to talk about it. I am in tears writing this!!!

But when i take a step back how can I be a blessing to someone else and say i want to inspire others and don't share my own life with you. 

Well here goes...

I discovered a weird feeling in my left breast a couple of weeks ago. The first thing i did was went blank! I didn't know what to say or feel so i did what most women tend to do first...IGNORED IT!

Not recommended by the way....but I did it!

But after several conversations, prayer, lots of tears ( And i cry a lot!!!) , and after speaking with my daughter i decided to make a call to go get checked. I do not want anyone to have "A cry for me Argentina moment" for me cause I beat myself up every moment of the day..

I feel so alone but there are so many women that face this every day.

But i think i will be okay...

If i can leave anything with women and young girls...
Please get checked and take care of yourself!!! I wish i would have done it sooner now I'm super depressed cause i feel so alone.

Forgive me if i don't call, text, come out or even get online because i refuse to bring my tears and mini depression on others. 

I thank god that I came to my senses. Like i always say...make a difference in the world and inspire others in your life cause you never know...

The emotional and physical struggle begins......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One love.....Tanesha

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