Thursday, May 15, 2014


This will be the most raw blog i post to date...

I want to take the time to thank anyone how had a hand in the development of me becoming a model and a blogger. THANK U!!!

Second i am changing....I don't understand whats happening to me but i like it!

Reading and watching my videos and blog posts i am nothing like i used to be and that's all thanks to god.

I watched this movie called ''The Encounter" and it was a very thought provoking movie and life changing.

Many people look at me and have their own interpretation of what i am but i never gave a care until i saw this movie. It forced me to evaluate myself on a spiritual level and honestly i did not like what i saw.

So I'm taking this blog to say that sometimes we need to change so we can understand that what we think is good maybe a sinful or inappropriate thing to god.

Take a day or moment to really evaluate yourself from the inside/ might be shocked with the results!

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