Sunday, June 8, 2014

New generation of women

Let me first start by saying that I do not hold a bit of shade for any woman that has the body for some of these outfits but over the past four years I have noticed a new trend in some women's clothing and how some don't respect their bodies it pisses me off...

Why do women feel as if its appropriate to walk out of the house advertising everything god said was precious and pure? I am just curious cause I truly don't get it!

Its only six months into the year and the dresses and shorts are off the chain short.

Last time i checked its okay to dress sexy not slutty!

Wearing a full body suit that looks like a swimsuit with your thighs rubbing together ain't it!
Having a full stomach with back fat but your dress is so short everyone knows your on your cycle is not cute!

I don't name people or post pictures out of respect for others but i will say this..

Where is the self respect? Where is the virtue? Where is the integrity? Its gone i feel

Until we stand up and show our young women and girls that's its okay to keep some things private we will never grow as a people.

As a woman going into a new stage in my life i had to check myself about some of the things i wear and how I was perceived when I went out. It take a strong woman to admit that things need changing.

Sometimes your clothing and your actions make a bold statement that is sealed in peoples hearts and minds forever...

What do you want your impression to be? Never know the person you see might be your new boss!
Think on that!

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