Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just stand....Can you??

We as human beings sometimes don't really understand when the old saints tell us to just stand when things are not going our way and I'm learning... its a true statement.

Even I'm guilty of not being as strong as i need to be and I'm working on it...Ill prove it to you!

Over the past three months I personally have been dealing with some life changing things in my life that has truly tested my faith beyond what I have ever went through.

A couple of days ago I allowed something to come out of my mouth that I will regret for the remainder of my life and that is....I wanted to commit suicide...

I did not mean it at all but when your not being strong to god's word and praying without ceasing your mind become weak and vulnerable...It happened to me!!!

Can you openly admit that you have been struggled with staying strong and standing on his word.

I don't claim to be a " bible thumping", every Sunday church going, and every volunteering event saint but i do know god died on the cross for me and as long as I serve him....repentance is daily!

I write this because I am still struggling and I want to continue to be open and transparent with my readers and future readers about my journey.
I know that over the past four years I have done a lot of things that are not pleasing to my god and now I am reaping what I sow and I can admit that now.

If you can learn anything from me....Please do right by people and try to make things right with folks who you have or might have done wrong to. Never know when you might need them!

Continue to keep me in your prayers and I will do the same...

Happy Sunday!

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