Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Finding your voice

In these times with so much temptation and deceit its hard to stay on track and do right.

You will have many people telling you to go left when you want to do right. That's why you have to find your voice..

There was a man that was in a relationship with a woman for five years. He has a small criminal record and was trying to piece his life back together. She would always complain about how broke they were but when payday came around she has the latest things and everything was laid on her. But the bills were always overdue!

He approached his lady about it and she degraded him and made him feel low and less of a man. One day as they sat at the dinner table she brought up the conversation of him going back into the drug game.

She stated that he would only do it for a short time and it could put them back into the lifestyle she was accustomed to when they first met. But little did she know that after he got out of jail three years ago he went to church and asked god to restore his life and he got saved.

This was a touchy issue for him cause he really wanted to stay focused on keeping the promise that he made with god three years ago.

For six months, she bugged him about the issue and even went so far as to set him up with the old dealer he used to run with.

On the outside he was fine but in his heart he was struggling...really badly!!

Later that night as he was sleeping he had a premonition about what would happen if he made the drop the following night. So instead of him doing the drop he went to bible study. On the way home later on he heard on the radio that five people was killed in a drug deal gone bad. Come to discover it was his former drug friends and his girlfriend..

So in conclusion when you find your own voice and be strong to what you believe god will take care of you..

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