Friday, March 14, 2014

Life choices....

Life can sometimes give you a reason to snap and curse everyone out but what would that truly prove?
As we embark on new things and experiences...remember everyone that smile in your face doesn't mean they love and care for you.
Personally, I have have been dealing with a big lifestyle decision that I've needed to make for the past eight months and no one knows but me. Its very hard holding something in when you needs to talk it out and quit stressing.

Life choices are not easy but in many cases its meant for us as human beings to go through it so we can inspire someone else in the long run. Being a little older I can truly say that I offer some life experiences and I wish my struggle not on my worse enemy. But now I look back on it...I believe this journey was made for me! to make me stronger, harder, and not to be weak in any facet of my life...

Your truth...your journey...your blessing...your testimony
Life choices...

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