Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Major lifestyle change brewing..

In life you have to make decisions that might not be comfortable for you but it is what's best for you and that's what I'm doing.
For the past four years I have been a single woman because five years ago I ran away from a marriage that wasn't working before I gave it time to grow.

One incident happened that sent me running for the door and I have to be honest. ..it was the worse mistake I've ever made.
I know what people read this it might piss some folks off but I got to be honest with myself and my viewers that read and listen to my webisodes.

I gave up on him cause he hit me!

One thing im learning is if you are a true child of god you are suppose to forgive people regardless of what they do and because of this fact I chose to forgive him so i can grow and move on.

I urge you to ask yourself....

If someone hurt you so bad that you thought you would never recover and god personally asked you to forgive that person to get into heaven? Knowing he knows your true heart...

Would you!

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