Friday, June 27, 2014

Dont be afraid....

Where has this year gone to? Am i the only one thinking this...surely not!

When this year started I wanted to make sure i faced my fears head on and make sure I held myself accountable and i think I've done a great job so far.

I started working out and have lose 42 pounds since late January
I began clearing up debt and living under my financial means
I started learning to forgive people and not hold grudges.
I have learned to control my temper with certain people
I learned to listen more to my child

Last but not least....I started to rebuild my relationship with my lord and savior!!! (Major work in progress)

Don't be afraid to want more...step out your comfort zone, laugh more, rest more, or whatever it is that drives you!

Personally, I'm blessed that I decided to do so cause I will be such a better person and mother for it..

Next goal...Back on the runway or in magazines...

Keep in touch and watch for me!

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